Our Ideal Client

A relationship not solely based on money

Each Ideal Client is different. We appreciate our clients for their uniqueness and who they are.  We are selective in who we work with because we strive to have deeper, more consultative client relationships.  In other words, we want to make as great of a difference in our clients' lives as possible.

We're Not For Everyone

We are blessed to have the best clients in the world.  They are Ideal!  In general, we look for the following qualities in our clients:

  • Dedicated to self-development; teachable and coachable
  • Would like to minimize financial and investment related stress, and maximize potential financial success
  • Goal oriented
  • Serious about a long-term partnership
  • Would like to free up time to focus on what matters - family, personal, and career
  • Realistic investment objectives and a willingness to communicate expectations clearly
  • Embraces our Investment Philosophy - recognizing there is no foolproof way to "beat the market"
  • Needs our expertise and respects our competence
  • Likes our compensation model and finds our way of doing business easy
  • There is a personality fit and communication takes place