Your Ideal Advisor

Are we who you are looking for?

Are we right for you?  We firmly believe that a relationship with a financial planner isn't one to be entered into lightly.  You should do your homework before selecting an individual to help guide your financial life. We recommend you consider the following while researching an advisor:

  • Do you understand how and what the advisor will be paid
  • Are you comfortable with the compensation model?
  • What value do you place on the advisor's education and experience?
  • Does the advisor specialize in what you are hoping to accomplish?
  • Does the advisor provide full disclosure?
  • Do you understand the advisor's investment philosophy and how he/she selects the products recommended?
  • Do you believe the advisor has your best interest at heart?


You can find a Financial Advisor Diagnostic tool to evaluate potential financial advisors on the NAPFA Consumer Information site.