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Will you be able to retire?

Posted by CFA Staff on 23 February 2009

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In an article titled "Elderly Emerge as a New Class Of Workers" from today's Wall Street Journal, Clare Ansberry outlines how high health care costs, lack of adequate retirement planning, and low social security payments mean many are forced to work well beyond age 65. At Charleston Financial Advisors, we work with you to decrease the chance that something like this will happen to you. Through a comprehensive plan, we examine all risk areas. These include the risk of being "under-insured" for major health issues and assessing the risk that you will out-live your retirement savings. One of the results of the plan is strategy and action plan that prepares you for a comfortable retirement. 

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Welcome to the New

Posted by Charleston Financial Staff on 19 February 2009


The new Charleston Financial Advisors website makes it easier for our clients and potential clients to interact with us and learn more about our services.  We hope you will take advantage of the new opportunities the website offers.

Sign-up to receive regular e-mail newsletters. These newsletters will cover topics in financial planning, retirement planning, and saving and investment strategies.

You should also subscribe to our blog! Members of the Charleston Finanical Advisors staff will post their thoughts about long term financial planning and investment.  There are no stock tips or sales pitches for a new financial product. You will be able to view the investment landscape through the eyes of certified professionals who have provided sound advice through both economic up- and downturns.

For clients, we have created an area of the site for you to update your communication preferences and contact information.  You can now choose to receive your educational mailings via e-mail.  You can also review archived letters and other client-only content. The client area will not contain any account information, but we will provide links to log into your Schwab or TD Ameritrade account from the profile section. You will need to log-in, so contact us to initialize your account.

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