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Calm Before the Storm?

Posted by Myles B. Brandt, M.S., CFP® on 14 March 2017


One beautiful morning last October I was driving into work and my gas light went on. As I passed a gas station I figured I would just get to work early and grab gas later.  Well around 3 PM that day, then Governor Nikki Haley held a press conference saying Hurricane Matthew was headed our way and everyone should fill up their tank. As I drove home a few hours later I was not amused. The lines at the pump stretched seemingly forever and clogged up traffic in every direction. I had to run by the vet to pick up a prescription and pick up little Henry from day care. I most certainly didn’t have the time to sit in line for an hour to get gas, much less the traffic already on the roads. It was as if our lovely seaside paradise went bonkers for gasoline…and I had none.

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