Fee-Based v. Fee-Only

Posted by Myles B. Brandt, CFP® on 31 January 2011 | 2 Comments

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Good Morningstar article about fee-based v. fee-only advisors:

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  • A fee-only, hourly approach is more conducive to younger people with lower net-worths. At this stage in someone's life their cash flow and planning issues are more important than the specifics of their investments. An hourly planner can also help them with their investments. It's a good way for younger people to get objective advice, but not pay too much.

    Posted by Myles, 15/02/2011 11:01am (8 years ago)

  • Myles,

    Thanks for sharing. Great article. I was reading the comments and one "fee-based planner" said they used commissions for people who haven't built enough assets for fee-only planning. This is generally what I see all over. Do you think low net worth (usually young) individuals are doomed to live with the choice between conflicted interest commission based advisors vs advisors charging fees at too high of a percentage of their assets to make it worthwhile? Almost a catch 22. Just curious your thoughts...

    Posted by Andy, 01/02/2011 1:04pm (8 years ago)

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