Types of clients served:  
Individuals, pensions and profit sharing plans, trusts, estates or charitable organizations, and corporations or business entities.

Types of investment advice offered:  
Equity securities, corporate debt securities, certificates of deposit, municipal securities, investment company securities (variable life insurance, mutual fund shares), U.S. Government securities, and interests in partnerships (real estate and oil & gas).

Financial industry affiliations:
Ameritrade, Charles Schwab & Co., Dimensional Fund Advisors.

Participation or Interest in Client Transactions:
Mr. Prewitt may buy or sell for himself securities that he also recommends to clients.

Methods of Analysis:
Securities are initially compared to determine their performance relative to peer securities.  Then they are reallocated to target classes taking into account taxes and transaction costs.

Investment Strategies:
Asset class selection dominates portfolio construction.  Portfolios are based upon efficient market theory, which contrasts with active management strategies.