How We're Different

Fee-Only    Charleston Financial Advisors, LLC has been fee-only since 1983. That means our only compensation is from the client. This aligns our interests and allows the client to get purely objective advice. 

Comprehensive Financial Planning    We look at your entire financial life as a whole, not just parts. This will make sure that a recommendation or action taken concerning one aspect of your financial life complements all other considerations. 

NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor    NAPFA (National Association of Personal Financial Advisors) is an association of fee-only advisors across the country which binds members to a Fiduciary Oath, a Code of Ethics, and high educational standards. 

The Fiduciary Responsibility    Acing as a Fiduciary means that we are legally held to act in good faith and in the best interest of the client and provide written disclosure of any conflicts of interest. 

Independence    Because Charleston Financial Advisors, LLC is not affiliated with or a subsidiary of any other firm, our recommendations can be chosen from all possible sources. This allows us to recommend what is truly in your best interest. 

Experience and Education    Since 1983, Charleston Financial Advisors, LLC has been exploring the uncharted waters of comprehensive fee-only financial planning and has emerged with the experience necessary for a successful client experience. The CFP designation provides the knowledge to properly serve our clients' needs.