Focused Engagements

Emergent Wealth Planning  

At Charleston Financial Advisors, we understand that Rome wasn't built in a day.  As you are starting to build wealth, it is only natural to want guidance.  Our Focused Engagements are designed for ideal clients who are willing to learn, grow and take action. 

Focused Engagements 

We often hear questions like:  I own a small business, what type of retirement plans should I consider?  How should I plan for college expenses?  I'm worried about my investments; am I doing the right thing? 

For each qualified client, we offer an Initial Meeting at no charge.  This is the opportunity for us to decide if we are a Win/Win fit.  You set the agenda addressing what you hope to accomplish after working with us. 

Portfolio Rx

Designed for a second opinion, whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or received advice from someone in the financial services industry.  We will prepare a report illustrating the strengths and weaknesses of your current portfolio and suggest areas for improvement.  We look at ways to lower your current investment expenses and ensure your portfolio matches your investment time horizon and tolerance for risk.

Typical fee range:  $800 - $1200

Focused / Project Based Plans

After our initial consultation, we may determine you would benefit most focusing on your most pressing financial questions. The engagment is limited to only those topics identified. 

  • It is most appropriate for clients with fairly simple financial circumstances.
  • Appropriate topics for discussion include 401(k) investment choices, college savings strategies, cash flow and debt management, Retirement Plan Selection for a small business, and basic retirement forecasting.

Focused engagement fees are based on current hourly rates (See Fee Schedule)   

Typical fee range: $600-$2500 based on the depth of the project.