Investment Managment

Yes, there is a method to the madness

Successful investing isn’t about skill.  It’s about behavior.  Investing requires objectivity and discipline.  Research studies have shown there is a gap between investment returns and investor returns.  Sadly, independent investors often react to the sensationalism created by the media and their own emotions.  As a result, they tend to trade too often and at the wrong time.  This behavior has proven to greatly reduce returns.  In effect, investors buy high and sell low.

How we can help 

At Charleston Financial Advisors, our disciplined approach to investing supplies consistency and a long-range perspective to the investment process.  These qualities improve the probability of investment success.

We have adopted a Passive Investment strategy to produce portfolios that manage risk and keep costs low.  We primarily utilize funds from the Dimensional Funds Advisors family.

Investment Tenets

  • Adhere to a passive management strategy.
  • Build a diversified portfolio engineered to targeted asset categories
  • Always be fully invested within your risk tolerance
  • Rebalance as required
  • The managed portfolio is long-term money (5 years or more time horizon)

What Not to Expect

  • Bragging Rights:  If you happen to hold an investment on somebody's top 10 list, it will be by chance.
  • Hot Stocks:  We will not be jumping in and out of trendy investments or acting on hot tips
  • Sales Calls:  This is a fully invested long-term strategy.  We are not paid to sell you anything.


Fees are based on a percentage of assets under management (See our Current Fee Schedule) or long term retainers.